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Author Topic: Holding the Baby  (Read 2035 times)
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« on: October 29, 2007, 09:22:56 AM »

I’m looking up to frothy clouds
with underbellies painted dark grey
Sipping from a soft drink can
skin silvered,
Cold in hand
and the banana I have just peeled
dissolving in my mouth.
The rubbery skin disintegrating
as I look for a bin
I find the thing.....

Wait for five minutes
they might come back.
Another five
if it's REALLY important
they’ll come back


On nervy feet
I am clumsy down the street
waiting to be caught
looking over anxious shoulders
It's someone's baby I've got
I mean
these days they’re your whole life
I’m thinking
that any moment
She - I assume -
Will call
and we’ll make arrangements
If not, what?

The brushed silver case
has seen a bit of use
A low resolution image
of two girls on screen
stare up to me
Do I start to scan down
For a number that might say ‘Home’
Or try to find the history
I’m still wondering
if it's a girl or boy?

I decide to go for
That’s enough.
This is very private stuff
Could almost be eavesdroppping
Others would have no guilt
But this is private
I’m wondering at their level of panic?
but they haven’t called - yet -
Maybe they’re incommunicado

What is the story behind this?
Who owns it?
What were they doing at that park bench?
With its tired wood separating
where the rings of life had been.
Stained a dark dark brown


“Has anybody there lost a phone”
“Mandy might have, I’ll give her a call”
“yeah I found it over by the College of the Arts”
“yes that’ll be her she works at the department of defence”

The mystery solved
I wait for the call.
A pleasant voice
For the safe keeping of the baby
I wrap it in a swaddling of paper
her name printed neatly
awaiting delivery
back to mother
back to 'home'
when she arrives
sometime this afternoon.

It’s very strange
Finding someone’s phone
In a public place
About the best action to take.
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