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Author Topic: Convenient 30 oct 2007  (Read 1900 times)
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« on: October 30, 2007, 12:17:46 PM »


Everything is so convenient,
open 24 hours
though some are closed
midnight to six
get anything you want
chocolate bars
face mask
frozen peas
golf tees
24 hours
so convenient

Lights blazing
a U.F.O. landing
Everything on show
tempting you
at all hours of the morning
as your driving
‘I need something’
you pop in
it’s so convenient

The workers
in roughled shirts and ties
trying to supply
customers needs
are harried bees
doing everything they can
to please
Don’t want to wait in a queue
“I want it now”
it’s so convenient
to have you
do all these things
and my only place
in all of this
is to come up with the cash.

how convenient
that there’s a machine
in the wall
that makes money appear
at call
just punch in numbers
and out it comes

My car needs a wash
I drive down
gangs of eager workers
making five dollars an hour
will wash and clean and dust and polish
black and blue my lovely car
while I sit down
letting a cappucino smile
erase my frown
they’ll come around
with the shining vehicle
it’s so

The cleaner comes
on Tuesdays
I tidy up a little
in a guilt trip sort of haze
knowing she’ll do the nasty bits
fight with the bowl
make friends with the shower wall
pull the hair from the plug hole
luckily there’s five of us
to bear the cost
couldn’t imagine trawling
through all the hard to get to spots
it’s so

I want to take a holiday
where I do nothing
where I don’t have to think
let someone else
take care
of every detail
I just want to be a train
put me on the rails
and let me roll
I’ll glide peacefully
while you arrange the dinners
rustle up the busses
the stage and gallery passes
we’ll loaf on our arses
we want it to be
so convenient
we don’t even notice

Can you have my conversation for me
can you arrange to sack that employee
if you do that for me
it would be to your glory
I wouldn’t have to worry
about taking responsibility
for a single thing
take care of everything
please make it
convenient for me.
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