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« on: January 16, 2020, 01:08:08 AM »
   We sit in the quiet with the clouds floating by so close like lazy humpback whales in a calm bay. The only sound is the swish we make when we kick our feet in the water. We see the people like ants across the lake; we know they can hear every word we say, the sound having nothing to block it. The dock feels new, with the boats that are shiny and modern, the case of beer that hasn’t been ripped open yet, the bags of chips and salsa jars that sit lined up neatly on a table.
   I feel new here too, even if I’ve been in the family for over a decade. I feel the hot boards on my thighs and elbows, remembering the night that we thought we might be seeing a UFO. And how my dad, a UFO enthusiast, had shot down our suspicion with “science”, explaining that the atmosphere was just playing tricks with our eyes, and what we were actually looking at was probably Venus.
   A boat glides by with its energetic motor sounds and the people wave. It’s all we do here. Sit, look, and wave every now and then. It’s a good life, if you have a million bucks to afford it…plus 30 grand in taxes every year. I guess we’ll live with our city taxes and our little fenced in yard. I guess we’ll live with the insistent traffic sounds and our grocery store that only takes a 7-minute drive to get to, rather than the 30 minutes it takes out here. I swish my toes in the water again and feel happy for everything I have.


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