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Author Topic: Tyranny of Time  (Read 2044 times)
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« on: October 30, 2007, 09:14:40 PM »

Tyranny of time 31-10-07

As we get older
time seems to get shorter
thereís not so much of it in supply
not so much time;
to give away
to waste.
Each moment
is precious
we have to taste
as much of life as we can
because its disappearing

like the well worn
through the hour-glass
we can watch it pass
while we carry on our tasks
duties and obligations
holding up nations
on our shoulders
and other behaviours

We try to keep ourselves young
by application of cremes
and exercises
and special diets
but we have to face it;
time is passing
and we are wasting away
entropy is our lot
Iím not sad about it
Not angry
Never been hooked
on the whole thing surrounding beauty
I watch the lines appearing
and make friends
with the new me
that appears day after day
shaving can remove
at least twenty years
I have noticed
thatís how it seems

We can look toward our forebears
for a clue to where
things might go for us
if we last that long
my father is still going strong
a stubborn mule
refusing to give in
though his legs hardly carry him
with well worn arteries
erased by nicotine
and climbing too many ladders
at sea
Mother died early
a stressful combination
of dementia
and Parkinsons
she didnít recognize us
at the end
I became
ĎGreat Uncle Georgeí
a Child playing with her in a park
in 1930ís Britain

I am advocating
you find your passion
find your grooove
get moving
in that direction
because time will come and steal away
without you even noticing
and you might get to the end
without having dome
like you thought you could
itís up to you
to make the effort

Families will come
children demand attention
partners require affection
all vying for your time
youíd like to spend time
make time
to be with them
but your job demands
you make an income
to feed them
clothe them
so much has to be done
in the Tyranny of time

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