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Author Topic: Race Day  (Read 1915 times)
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« on: November 03, 2007, 02:16:02 AM »

They're on finest form
colours flowing
a Katherine wheel array
muscles toned
tanned and warm

race day

in varying styles
like waiting footmen
at the gate of the heart

limousines sail past
elegantly carved hats
peacock hair
and brocades
mysterious eyes

awkward heels and
whispering dresses
shine like wet roads
silky ruffles
skyscraper legs
sculptured forms
in endless gymnasium hours

on parade
each filly
and mare
are sized up
for shape
or breeding stock
can they go the distance
is this a good bet?
It'll be

flesh presses flesh
the milling
 in the 'mounting yard'
expectations raised
intoxicants cloud judgement

At the barrier
the light is on;
the glamour the glitz
all on show
ascending caller's voice
raises stakes

Lunging forward
cutting off
settling for position
as hooves mutilate grass
and thunder past
the pace quickens
hearts beat faster
hopes raise
for a quick win
at the final turn
the fillies run
and the mares become geldings

some go home
filled with passion
for the one that got away
on race day

discarded stubs
litter the ground
of numbers lost
in the crowd
lost hopes
of possibilities
of something that might have come to pass
the quiet of emptiness returns
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