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Author Topic: 30,000 soldiers  (Read 1870 times)
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« on: November 05, 2007, 10:03:45 PM »

We sent out another thousand today
brave ones
knowing no fear

a concrete battle plan
followed precisely
the enemy was ready
at the head of the valley
and five hundred fell.
Then we fought them
all the way back
pushing the enemy
to the beginning of the campaign
ground regained
but five hundred fell

Then we sent
another five
taking no heed for life
we thought our plan
but their forces
once invisible
came to view
putting to ruin
our careful plans
our soldiers slain
on the fields
and  plain
we made ground
but the cost is  great

We cannot let the enemy know
their forces are ten times ours
that we are just mosquitos
against their jumbo jet
maybe, they donít know it yet?
Valiant we will fight
for the good of just
but, the enemy always seems to be waiting
knowing our plans
where we will place our positions.
Already thirty thousand lost
how much longer can we hold?
We must keep believing
keep on going
until surrender IS the only option
we will never give in
we will keep on believing.



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