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Author Topic: The Map of Your Life  (Read 1742 times)
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« on: November 05, 2007, 10:20:12 PM »

If your were looking on
you could see patterns
repeated behaviours
over and over
never ending
underlying causes
going over the same old ground
not apparent
but, apparently, causing

The map of your life
is not something you can see
in a text book
the topography is unknown
each experience a new dale or hill
from some event or another
an influence of sister or brother
a cacophony of things
vying for attention

The geography of your life
is the map of your being
the only way you have
of seeing yourself
We canít see ourself
as others see us
unwanted behaviours
for unknown causes
so many pathways
burnt into the brain space
nobody shows you
how to fix things
only their way
of seeing the world

Feeling broken
canít fix these patterns
They're set
canít be dismissed
despite newer knowledge
destinyís course
the map of your life
is silently showing its presence
unconscious desires
moving you
along unseen rails
carefully aligned

How to change?
the map of your life
How do you change
the landscape
so familiar?
Ďnormalí behaviour
painful behaviour
headed for failure
watching on
from the Titanic
of your homicide
sinking into the ocean

Thought you were invincible once
thought you had a hold
on how everything works
thought you knew,
followed through
but all you were doing
was following
the map of your life
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